Membership to the German Society for Cell Biology
Annual membership fee:

  • students: EUR 20.00
  • full members: EUR 60.00
  • combined membership (German Society for Cell Biology and Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ): EUR 40.00

Membership fees are collected annually, at the start of the year, preferably by direct debit from a German bank account in order to facilitate the Treasurer’s work and to limit administration cost. Alternatively, fess may be wired to the Society’s bank account; details are available at the secretary’s office.

Here you will find a application for membership form. Please fill it in and send it by ordinary mail to the Society’s Secretary.

Membership Fees
Every year, when checking our accounts, we find the need to send reminding letters to members who are not participating in the direct debit transfer system.

In order to facilitate and to simplify our work, we kindly ask you to subscribe to the direct debit transfer system. To this end, we need your written accordance including your banking details. Please kindly use our direct debit form.

Thank you very much!

The Executive Committee

Honorary Membership
The German Society for Cell Biology will grant Honorary Membership to individuals having made ground-breaking accomplishments in the field of cell biology. The number of honorary members is limited to 20.

They will be chosen on request by the Executive Committee.

2011 Discount Subscription Rates / Discount offer to DGZ members on journals published by The Company of Biologist
(Development, Journal of Cell Biology and The Journal of Experimental Biology)

The Company of Biologists is pleased to inform you that the 2011 Discount Subscription Rates available to DGZ members are now available at:

Please contact sales[@]biologists[dot]com if you have any queries relating to this offer.

Missing Members

We have no valid address from the members listed below. If anybody can help us in this respect, please send a message to the DGZ office.

Abdulatif AL Haj

Mandy Börmel

Ursula Eichenlaub-Ritter

Jürgen Fingerle

Wolfgang Gawlitta
Reinhard Geßner
Karl Otto Greulich

Monica Hagedorn
Wenya Hou
Matthias Husmann

Tore Kempf
Claudia Koch-Brandt
Joachim Kruppa

Marie-Therese Mackmull
Wolfgang Meyerhof

Benedikt Nagel

Alexander Schreiner
Walter Sebald
Werner Siems
Fred Sinowatz

Anika Thyrock

Annette Vogel

Hans Zempel