20th International AEK Cancer Congress
27. Februar – 1. März 2019, Heidelberg
Information: www.aek-congress.org/invitation.html/

International PhD Symposium
GRK 2213: „Membrane Plasticity in Tissue Development and Remodeling”
2. – 4. April 2019, Marburg
Registration and abstract submission: grk-symp@biologie.uni-marburg.de
For more information, please see the poster.

Joint Meeting “Membrane Biophysics of Exo-Endocytosis: from Model Systems to Cells”
03. – 06.04. 2019, Mandelieu la Napoule, France
Information: http://biophee-19.fr/

6th Zoo Meeting: Cell Adhesion and Migration in Inflammation and Cancer
15. – 18. Mai 2019, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Information: www.radboudumc.nl/zoo

Forty Years of Blankenese Conferences: Signaling in Health and Disease
18. – 22. Mai 2019, Hamburg-Blankenese, Germany
Information: http://www.zmnh.uni-hamburg.de/blankenese_conferences/