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Cell News 02/2018
This issue of CellNews highlights our finalised schedule of the
DGZ International Meeting from September 17 to 19 in Leip-
zig. You will see that the organising committee around Thomas
Magin and Roland Wedlich-Söldner has assembled a fantastic
programme covering several topics in modern cell biology with a
focus on “Concepts of Cellular Organisation and Dynamics”. Most
importantly, you still have the chance to register! The abstract
submission deadline ends on August 5, only then the 50 spots for
oral presentations picked from poster abstracts will be assigned.
Don't miss the opportunity to hand in an abstract of your most
recent exciting discoveries! Please also note that it is also still
possible (deadline July 31st) to apply for our prestigious prices:
the Walther Flemming Award, the Nikon Young Scientist Award
and the Binder Innovation Prize. Check out details on pp 12 and
13 of this issue!
The DGZ will also elect the Executive Board of the society anew
this year. Our members will get the suggestions for the election
soon with the request to vote for people in the actual Executive
Board, the Advisory Board, the Auditors and the Price Jury. Thanks
to all of those who volunteer to be candidates for the respective
positions, and to those who got involved the DGZ in the past!
Without the input of our members, we cannot continue as a lively
The DGZ is facing challenges in the near future that we have to
address. Resources of the society are limited, on the other hand
we realise that our gaols and activities are overlapping with
others in the live science area. We think it makes sense to bundle
efforts and to team up with other societies in the future. We will,
for instance, have a joined International Meeting in 2019 together
with the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biolo-
gy, announced as the “GBM/DGZ Fall Meeting” in Tübingen from
September 25 to 27.
With best regards,
The DGZ Board
We are inviting all members to attend our next member meeting that will take place on
Tuesday, September 18, 2018, 12:15 – 13:45
at the International Meeting of the DGZ in Leipzig, venue:
Hörsaalgebäude Universität Leipzig, Universitätsstraße 1, 04109 Leipzig.
1. Confirmation of the minutes of the last year’s DGZ member meeting 2017
2. The president’s annual report
3. Financial report
4. The auditors’ report
5. Approval of the executive board
6. DGZ election 2018-2020
7. „Other“/open discussion
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