Cell News | Issue 02, 2018 - page 11

Cell News 02/2018
12:00 – 15:00 Session 14: Self-organization
Chair: Roland Wedlich-Söldner (Muenster, Germany)
Karen Alim (Goettingen, Germany): Fluid flows shaping morphology
Nir Gov (Rehovot, Israel): Curved membrane proteins that recruit actin polymerization: Lamellipodia,
protrusions and shape transitions
Jacob Halatek (Munich, Germany): Rethinking self-organized protein pattern formation
Jona Kayser (Berkeley, USA): Emergence of evolutionary driving forces in pattern-forming microbial
Karsten Kruse (Geneva, Switzerland): The Min-protein oscillations in Escherichia coli
Taras Sych (Freiburg, Germany): The impact of lectin valency and structure on the organization
of the plasma membrane
Richard Wheeler (Dresden, Germany)
Min Wu (Singapore): Information content of subcellular cortical patterns
Farewell and announcement of 2019 meeting
Auditors honoured for
long-standing involvement
The DGZ Board (Board member Prof. Oliver Gruss, middle) wishes to
thank Prof. Marie Christine Dabauvalle (left) and Prof. Hans-Georg
Mannherz (right) for their involvement in the DGZ as Auditors. Prof.
Dabauvalle (since 2002) and Prof. Mannherz (since 1998) have served
the community in this position for many years.
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