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Cell News 02/2018
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9 Annual
Leipzig, Germany
September 24 - 26, 2018
Physics of Cancer
Organizing Committee
Josef A. Käs (Germany)
Harald Herrmann (Germany)
Ben Fabry (Germany)
Benjamin Wolf (Germany)
David M. Smith (Germany)
Confirmed Speakers
Bahriye Aktas (Germany)
Maryam Aliee (Germany)
Bob Austin (USA)
Dapeng (Max) Bi (USA)
Chase Broedersz (Germany)
Sui Huang (USA)
Paul Janmey (USA)
Moritz Kreysing (Germany)
Cécile Leduc (France)
Rudolf Leube (Germany)
Roberto Osellame (Italy)
Oliver Otto (Germany)
Florian Rehfeldt (Germany)
Anne - Cécile Reymann (France)
Heiko Rieger (Germany)
Daniel Riveline (France)
Pere Roca-Cusachs (Spain)
Ana - Suncana Smith (Germany)
Lydia Sorokin (Germany)
Ingo Thievessen (Germany)
Viola Vogel (Switzerland)
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