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Cell News 02/2018
We are inviting all members to attend our next member meeting that will take place on
Tuesday, September 18, 2018, 12:15 – 13:45
at the International Meeting of the DGZ in Leipzig, venue:
Hörsaalgebäude Universität Leipzig, Universitätsstraße 1, 04109 Leipzig.
1. Confirmation of the minutes of the last year’s DGZ member meeting 2017
2. The president’s annual report
3. Financial report
4. The auditors’ report
5. Approval of the executive board
6. DGZ election 2018-2020
7. „Other“/open discussion
Dear Colleagues and Friends of the DGZ,
It is our pleasure to welcome you at our 2018 International meet-
ing at the University of Leipzig.
We have assembled a very exciting programme with interna-
tionally renowned speakers all representing the forefront of their
fields. The focus of our meeting will be on “Concepts of Cell
Organisation and Dynamics”, which harbours a range of thrilling
topics including the visualisation of cell organisation, cell fate and
cell cycle control, organelle and nuclear dynamics in 4D, self-or-
ganisation and size control, cytoskeletal dynamics and mech-
anotransduction, protein dynamics, integration of cells into tissues
and translating cell biology into medical application. Our meeting
will be accompanied by the Special Interest Meeting on “Self Or-
ganisation in Cell Biology” organised by Roland Wedlich-Söldner.
We want to particularly welcome our young colleagues who
signed up for the meeting. Many of them will give short presenta-
tions of their latest research!
We are also proud to present this years’ DGZ prize winners: The
Carl Zeiss Lecture 2018 honours our colleague Prof. Dr. Cristi-
na Lo Celso (London) for her work on hematopoietic stem cells
using intravital microscopy. Additional prizes include the Walther
Flemming Award (two winners: Ruben Fernandez-Busnadiego
and Clemens Plaschka), the Nikon Young Scientist Award (winner:
Agata Zielinska), the Binder Innovation Prize (winner: Carsten Gra-
shoff) and the Werner Risau Prize (winner: Alban Longchamp).
Importantly, our International Meeting provides ample opportuni-
ties through poster sessions and social events to meet colleagues
and to share ideas, which may open avenues of collaboration on
all levels. The 2018 meeting venue also brings back our industry
partners. We offer meeting participants the possibility to discover
the latest technology developments in a dynamic industry exhibi-
tion. The lecture halls, exhibition space and poster presentations
are all in a common building complex guaranteeing optimal con-
ditions for intensive exchange between participants and industry
We are very happy that MCI-Berlin again joined us for the organ-
isation of the meeting and we are grateful to Jennifer Gabriel and
Martha Whiteman for their enthusiastic support and professional
help in organising the DGZ 2018 meeting.
We are very happy to welcome you in Leipzig and we are looking
forward to a wonderful cell biology meeting!
With very best wishes,
The DGZ Board
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