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Cell News 4/2015
Dear colleagues and friends,
our next great event, the International Meeting in Munich from March 14-16, 2016, is approaching rapidly. The registra-
tion website is active, so register soon at
to obtain the early registration
discount and send your abstract until January 15th. Our local meeting organizers Heinrich Leonhard and Annette Müller-
Taubenberger joined with Lukas Huber from our guest society, the ÖGMBT (Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and
Biotechnology) to put together a very attractive program covering the current hot topics in cell biology. I would be very happy
to see many of our members at the meeting at this attractive venue!
The current Executive Committee of our society has been in charge for two years already. We hope you agree that we organized
many successful and stimulating meetings with very positive feedback during that time. On the other hand, revenues were
decreasing at constant costs, which is why we had to favor austerity over expenditures and investment activity. For instance,
our financial leeways were too low to invest in more sponsorship for young investigators and dedicated young investigator
meetings. However, we are confident that this course of consolidation will allow more activities of this kind again in the
future. This will be the job of the next Executive Committee asking for your votes. Our former vice CEO Klemens Rottner and
me (president) will leave the Executive Committee. With this, I also would like to thank Klemens for his outstanding work for
the society in the organization of meetings (especially the Actin meeting) and his constant, valuable input behind the scenes.
As replacement of Klemens and myself, two excellent scientists, Karin Schumacher (Heidelberg) and Thomas Magin (Leipzig),
who are affiliated with the DGZ for many years, are running for a position in the new Executive Committee. In addition, our
current vice president and CEO, Carien Niessen and Oliver Gruss, are now running for president and vice president, respectively.
You will receive the ballots for the election of the new Executive Committee, three members of the Advisory Committee and
our Award Jury in the next days by standard mail. Please participate at the elections and support our colleagues, who continue
to spend a lot of valuable time for us.
One of our future activities will include a closer collaboration with our colleagues of the GBM (Society for Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology), since we have broad overlapping interests both from a political and scientific point of view. I have just
returned from a successful meeting with GBM representatives Hannes Herrmann, Johannes Buchner and Anke Lischeid, where
we discussed possible future joint activities and a joint meeting in 2019 planned to take place in Freiburg.
Again, as in all of my prefaces, I cordially invite you to send articles for Cell News. Copyrights are completely yours and it is
a wonderful chance to advertise your research to the cell biology community. To this end, you will find more information at
Many regards,
Ralph Gräf
DGZ Member Meeting 2016
We are inviting all members to attend our next member meeting that will take place on
Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 12:00 – 13:00
at the International Meeting of the DGZ in Munich-Martinsried.
1. Confirmation of the minutes of the last year’s DGZ member meeting 2015
2. The president’s annual report
3. Financial report
4. The auditors’ report
5. Approval of the executive board
6. DGZ election 2016-2018
7. „Other
The DGZ Executive Board
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