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Cell News 02/2017
Please look into the present issue of Cell News that highlights the
2017 DGZ prize winners: the Nikon Young Scientist Award winner
Evgenij Fiskin from Goethe-University Frankfurt, the Binder Inno-
vation Prize winner Sara Wickström from the University of Cologne
and the Max-Planck-Institute for Biology of Ageing and the Werner
Risau Prize prize winner Kerstin Wilhelm from the Max-Planck-In-
stitute for Heart and Lung Research in Bad Nauheim. They present
their research on p 8, 14 and 20, respectively.
We look back on a scientifically highly successful and inspiring
DGZ spring meeting that took place on March 1 and 2 in Leipzig.
The former president of the American Society of Cell Biology, Peter
Walter (see cover image!), thrilled the audience when giving the
Carl Zeiss Lecture and presenting his ground-breaking work on
protein quality control on the first day of our member meeting.
The above mentioned prizes awardees were honoured and gave
outstanding presentations. On the second day of the meeting,
the Walther Flemming Award winner, Kikue Tachibana-Konwalski
joined us and introduced her fascinating research when receiving
the award. In addition, young DGZ member PIs, Simone Reber
(Berlin), Martin Beck (Heidelberg), Susanne Önel (Marburg) and
Julia Gross (Göttingen) organized 4 fantastic sessions that covered
a wide range of cell biology and stimulated a lot of discussion. The
meeting, as announced, also included a DGZ member forum on
the future of the DGZ, in which we received very valuable feed-
back. The 2017 DGZ Spring meeting was an incredibly stimulating,
intense meeting with excellent science and dense communication.
Unfortunately, despite multiple calls to come and discuss the
future of the DGZ and showcasting fantastic science, this member
meeting with its short format, still did not mobilize the majority of
our member community. The executive board of the DGZ therefore
decided to go back to our established format of an International
Meeting as a platform for exchange, to hear cutting-edge cell
biology and to meet our sponsors. The DGZ International Meeting
will take place in Leipzig from September 17 to 19, 2018.
Moreover, Simone Reber from the Humboldt University, Berlin, will
organise a Young Investigator meeting on quantitative Biology
on February 27/28, 2018 targeted at PhD students, postdocs and
early PIs. Please find a preliminary program overview in this Cell
news issue.
Take the chance and convince yourself about the extraordinary
science in the cell biology field when reading this Cell News issue.
The DGZ meetings are always worth the trip and we need your
support to make them a success. We are looking forward to seeing
you at the next DGZ meeting!
Carien Niessen
Oliver Gruss
Thomas M. Magin
Karin Schumacher
DGZ Young Scientists‘ Forum 2018
In February 2018, the German Society for Cell Biology will hold an international meeting organized by and for junior scientists with a
special focus on early independence. The upcoming DGZ Young Scientists’ Forum topics will - amongst others - include maintenance
of cell identity, synthetic biology, dynamic cytoskeletal systems, emergent core technologies and other relevant and challenging topics
(see page 5). The meeting will take place on
February, 26th and 27th in Berlin
. Save the date for this highly interactive, scientifically
stimulating and fun meeting!
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