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Cell News 01/2017
New ORCA-Flash4.0 V3 sCMOS Camera
This one camera expertly handles applications ranging from the acquisition of accurate
scientific images to experiments that demand sensitivity, quantification and speed.
We’ve advanced our imaging technology, with your research in mind
Intelligent data reduction
Highly refined in-camera pixel-level calibrations
Individual camera noise characterization
Increased USB3.0 frame rates
Purposeful and innovative triggering capabilities
Patented lightsheet read out modes
New W-VIEW GEMINI-2C Image Splitting Optics
The first dual camera, dual channel system engineered with super resolution quality;
simultaneously offering versatility, expandability and ease of use.
Wide field of view
(20 mm for standard imaging, 12 mm for diffraction-limited imaging)
Ultra-low distortion (0.05%)
High spatial uniformity (98%)
High transmission (98% @ 450-800nm)
Robust opto-mechanical design for ease of alignment and versatility
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Each of our incubators passes an individual cell test
before delivery.
Labo C-Top with integrated SAFE Sens® technology
+49 551 / 50 50 125
+49 551 50 50 125
Please make sure to check the certificates, the scope of those
and, if need be, the notified body prior to your buying decision!
Quality - Made in Germany
For more information, please contact us.
Top combined with state-of-the-art pH
monitoring system
TrakPods integrated in surface without
use of valuable dish space
Real time monitoring of the pH-value
every minute or every 30 minutes for up
to 7 days w/o opening of benchtop
incubators chambers
Accurate measurements: ± 0.05 in a
range of pH 7.00 to 7.60
Monitoring of up to 8 chambers with one
All advantages and options of Labo C-
For continuous, non-invasive pH-monitoring
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