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Cell News 4/2015
Prof. Thomas M. Magin
as Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Date of birth: 23.09.1955
Translational Center for Regenerative Medicine and Institute of Biology, Div. of Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Leipzig
1974-1982 Study of biology at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg (with leave of absence for Alternative
1982-1987 PhD training with Prof. Werner W. Franke at the Div. of Cell and Tumour Biology at the German Cancer Research Centre,
1987-1990 Postdoc with Prof. Franke
1990-1991 Research fellow with Dr. David Melton, Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh (on leave of
absence from German Cancer Centre, Heidelberg)
1991-1993 Recipient of research fellowship from DFG (German Research Association) with Dr. David Melton, ICMB, Edinburgh
1993-1995 Recipient of Foreign Research Fellowship of Wellcome Trust with Dr. David Melton, ICMB, Edinburgh
1995-2001 SFB 284 Group leader at the Institute of Genetics, Division of Molecular Genetics, University of Bonn
1998 Habilitation in Molecular Genetics, University of Bonn
2002-2010 C3 professor of Molec. & Cell. Biochemistry, University of Bonn
2010-present W3 professor of Cell & Developmental Biology at Institute of Biology, University of Leipzig, Germany
Editorial boards of Mol Biol Cell, J Exp Dermatology, scientific advisory board DEBRA International, DGZ, GBM, ESDR.
Research areas:
Function of the keratin cytoskeleton in epidermal differentiation, barrier function, regeneration and disease. Selected reading: 88.
V Kumar, J-E Bouameur et al. A keratin scaffold regulates epidermal barrier formation, mitochondrial lipid composition and activity.
J Cell Biol 211, in press (2015), J Bohnekamp, DE Cryderman et al. A fly model of Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex. J Invest Dermatol,
129, 2015. 21. F Loschke, K Seltmann, J-E Bouameur and TM Magin. Regulation of keratin network organization. Curr Op Cell Biol,
32, 2015. 38. NS Werner, R Windoffer et al. Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex-type mutations reveal an actin-dependent transport of
keratin subunits and alter the dynamics of the keratin cytoskeleton. Mol. Biol. Cell 15, 2004.
Prof. Dr. Karin Schumacher
as Vice Chief Executive Officer
Date of birth: 17.05.1966
Centre for Organismal Studies (COS), Dep. for Plant Developmental Biology
1985 –1992 Biology studies, University of Cologne
1992 –1995 PhD in Genetics, University of Cologne
1996 –1998 Postdoctoral fellow, The Salk Institute, La Jolla, USA
1998 –1999 Research Associate, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, La Jolla, USA
1999 –2001 Research Associate, ZMBP-Plant Physiology, University of Tübingen
2001 - 2007 Independent Research Group Leader, ZMBP-Plant Physiology
2006 Habilitation, University of Tübingen
2007- W3 Professor, Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg
2015- Managing Director, Centre for Organismal Studies (COS)
American Society of Plant Biologists, Deutsche Botanischen Gesellschaft, Gesellschaft für Entwicklungsbiologie, DGZ,
Editorial Board, The Plant Cell, Asscociate Editor, Biochemical Journal
DGZ ELECTION 2016 – 2018
Research areas:
Regulation of spindle formation: biochemical analysis of spindle function in cell free extracts of Xenopus. Preotemic approaches
for the identification of novel spindle assembly proteins in Xenopus extracts and human cells.
For further information please see:
Ran in Mitosis. Gruss OJ in: Ras superfamily small G proteins: Biology and Mechanisms 2; Afred Wittinghofer (Ed.), Springer Books
(2014); Yokoyama H, Koch B, Walczak R, Ciray F, Gonzsales JC, Devos D, Mattaj IW and Gruss OJ. The nucleoporin MEL-28 enables
timely nuclear pore complex or mitotic spindle formation, Nat. Commun, Feb 10;5:3270 (2014); Baerenz F, Inoue D, Yokoyama H,
Tegha-Dunghu, J, Freiss S, Draeger S, Mayilo D, Cado I, Merker S, Hoeckendorf B, Pilz S, Steinbeisser H, Lorenz H, Ruppert T, Witt-
brodt J and Gruss OJ. The centriolar satellite protein SSX2IP promotes centrosome maturation. J Cell Biol, 202 (1), 81-95 (2013);
Hofmann JC, Tegha-Dunghu J, Draeger S, Will CL, Lührmann R and Gruss OJ. The Prp19 complex directly functions in mitotic spindle
assembly. PLOS One, Sep 19;8(9):e74851 (2013); Bärenz F, Mayilo D, Gruss OJ (2013). Centriolar Satellites: Busy orbits around the
centrosome. Eur J Cell Biol (2011), 90, 938-9
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