Cell News | Issue 04, 2015 - page 17

virus host interaction. This year the participants voted and gave
two awards for best presentation to Dr. Bastian Thaa from the
Karolinska Institute and Cornelius Rohde from Phillips University,
Marburg. Bastian is a post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Gerald McI-
nerney where his work focuses on the activation of the mTOR pa-
thway by both Simliki Forest Virus and chikungunya virus (CHIKV).
He found a non-structural protein (NSP3) in SFV, which was res-
ponsible for the activation of mTOR however he found that CHIKV
uses a different strategy to activate mTOR, which causes a much
lower stimulation of this pathway. Cornelius, a PhD student of Prof.
Dr. Stephan Becker, discussed his work on how Marburg virus pro-
teins induce the unfolded protein response (UPR). Interestingly he
showed that the UPR was induced by the viral glycoprotein GP and
this response was able to be regulated through VP30 during a viral
infection. Both Bastian and Cornelius will have their registration
fee waived for the workshop next year.
The organizers would like to thank the German Society for Cell
Biology (DGZ) and the Society for Virology (GfV) for their continu-
ed organizational and financial support. The workshop would also
not be possible without generous contributions from the Chica and
Heinz Schaller (CHS) Foundation, ReBlikon, and PerkinElmer. Ad-
ditionally, the workshop is a success due to the exciting keynote
lectures and the lively discussions from the participants.
The 15th Annual workshop will be held again at the Kloster
Schoental November 2 - 4 2016 with the theme “Revolutionizing
cell biology tools for virology”. More information can be found at
+49 551 50 50 125
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