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Cell News 2/2014
International DGZ Meeting 2015
International DGZ Meeting March 24-27, 2015, Cologne
Plenary Sessions
Cell biology of Ageing
Thorsten Hoppe
Stem Cells and Cell Fate
Jacco van Rhenen and Carien Niessen
(with Dutch Society for Cell Biology)
Signal transduction and trafficking
Philippe Bastiaens
40 years DGZ: past and present scientific breakthroughs in cell biology
Sandra Iden
New actin functions:
Robert Grosse
Cell biology of mitochondria:
Elena Rugarli
Degenerative diseases:
Eva Mandelkow,
Immunity in plants and animals
Jane Parker
Cellular chaperones/proteostasis
Jörg Höhfeld
Epithelial structure and organisation
Inke Näthke
Cell adhesion and mechanics
Thomas Magin
DNA repair and telomeres
Katrin Päschke and Brian Luke
Cilia, Centrosomes, spindle assembly
Thomas Müller-Reichert and Gislene Pereira
Genome regulation:
Ana Pombo
Looking for chairs for organization of four newly established
"Young Investigator organized satellite meetings"
These 2 hour meetings consist of one keynote speaker and 3 other speakers that include the chair and will take place before
the official opining of the International DGZ meeting on Tuesday morning March 24. Suggested topics should not overlap with
the plenary and symposium topics. The DGZ will provide up to Euro1000 and free registration costs for the keynote speaker.
The chair and other speakers will get free registration. Chairs should be junior group leaders and should not be habilitated or
have a professorship.
Interested in organizing and chairing a DGZ satellite meeting? Please send a short proposal with a topic and key note speaker
suggestion and why you think this is a timely subject for a DGZ satellite meeting to the DGZ office (Sabine Reichel-Klingmann)
Celebrating 40 years of DGZ
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