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Cell News 04/2018
We are looking back on a year full of thrilling science and great
advances in Cell Biology. In 2018 many fascinating details
emerged about cells and their building blocks that we would
not have even thought about several years ago. Cell Biology
continues to develop rapidly and we are all straining to keep
up with the insights driven by an ever faster technological
development and the blurring of scientific disciplines. Despite
specialization into our core research topic, a broad view of
the entire cellular cosmos is now more than ever required to
interpret and put into context all the fascinating details about
cellular organization, dynamics and function. We need to take
a step back, not only to better grasp the impact of our research
but also to transport the underlying concepts to our students
who will run the research of the next generation. It is therefore
as important as ever to call out to young people and get them
involved in Cell Biology research!
The International Meetings of the Society have provided and
will continue to provide an excellent forum for young research-
ers to present their data, get expert feedback and to connect to
the community. After the successful DGZ international meeting
in Leipzig this year, we are going to join forces with the Ger-
man Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology to orga-
nize a joint meeting in September 2019 in Tübingen. This meet-
ing will focus on Age Related Human Diseases, a topic that
perfectly blends cutting edge approaches in Cell and Molecular
Biology. Our International Meetings in their classical DGZ
format will then return in 2020 in Münster. Preparations are
already underway with a team around Roland Wedlich-Söldner.
We are looking forward to very exciting meetings! So, there are
many reasons to join the society now, profit from the commu-
nity of cell biologists and to take part in the development of a
classical, yet highly dynamic and cutting-edge, discipline in the
life sciences.
With best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!
The board of the German Society for Cell Biology
Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues of the German Society
for Cell Biology!
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